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Iphone Cases's Shopping Strategy

- Jul 07, 2017 -

In the selection of color shell, the first look at the color shell background is similar to the color of the surface. In short, the white shell uses the plastic raw material is preferably white, the black shell uses the plastic raw material should be black to be good. If the background and the color of the surface is similar, even if the future of the surface coating of the color shell scraped off, it will not be difficult to see. The concrete inspection method first turns the colored shell to see whether its inner surface color is the same as the outer surface; Secondly, whether the color of the color shell is even; see if the printing pattern above the color shell is within the specified range, if the edge of the pattern is extended to the production of the interior surface of the color shell, the color shell of the process is not very clear, it is best not to consider;

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