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Why do businesses like to give mobile phone shells?

- Nov 19, 2018 -

People who like online shopping can find that more and more Internet mobile  phone manufacturers like to send mobile phone shells, which is very surprising. Does not sending mobile phone shells increase the cost? Why are these manufacturers so happy to breathe things? In fact, businessmen give you the mobile phone shell.

Reason 1: in order to better protect mobile phones

Many people may drop their mobile phone to the ground directly because of slippery or negligent use of the mobile phone, which may cause the screen to crack. During the warranty period, it is possible to go to a special repair shop for maintenance, but this will undoubtedly increase the cost of various business opportunities manufacturers. Instead of letting mobile phone users break their screens and come to shop for repair, it is better to equip mobile phone users with mobile phone shells beforehand, which also prolongs the "life" of mobile phones to a certain extent.

Reason 2: in order to make more people see their back cover.

In the era of not full screen, every mobile phone manufacturer can also type their logo on the face of the mobile phone, but in the era of full screen, they can only make articles through the back of the mobile phone shell. Waste the design that made great efforts, if blocked by an opaque mobile phone shell, this will let each mobile phone manufacturer "vomit blood". Therefore, Internet mobile phone manufacturers choose to attach a mobile phone shell when purchasing a mobile phone, and it is transparent, so that mobile phone users can see the information of the mobile phone in the process of holding the mobile phone, and carry out a mobile propaganda for themselves. This is equivalent to a small cost for many people to do an ad, of course they are willing to.

Reason 3: spend a little money to earn word of mouth.

Others may earn 200 yuan by selling a mobile phone. Others may only lose 10 yuan by giving you a mobile phone shell, but they still make a lot of money. But users are often moved by these small gifts, thinking that others are concerned about themselves, and will publicize with relatives, friends or colleagues how good this mobile phone service is, and also give gifts to people. This is the smart place for mobile phone manufacturers. Many people believe that sunflower growth depends on sunshine, water, fertilizer, soil and these aids, but forget that the soil must have sunflower seeds, no matter how you water and fertilize it, it will not bear fruit. Selling mobile phones is similar to this. Without demand groups, who are you selling to?

So it is not so much a conscientious behavior as a shrewd marketing method. Through a low-cost mobile phone shell, on the one hand, it increases the user's preference for mobile phone manufacturers, but also enables mobile phone users to do more propaganda for themselves, so they like to give mobile phones to everyone. Shell.


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