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The Development of Mobile Shell in Electronic Products

- Dec 04, 2018 -

In electronic products, mobile phones are essential products for men and women. With the existence of mobile phones, the peripheral accessories of natural mobile phones also flourish, especially the change and development of mobile phone protective cover, from practical to fashionable, from heavy to light, from simple to retro, constantly creating their own fashion culture. Nowadays, the protective shells of accessories market are full of beautiful scenery.

When the mobile phone just came out, the original function of the protective jacket is relatively single, that is, to protect the mobile phone, install the mobile phone, easy to carry.

In the late 1990s, mature men usually owned mobile phones. At that time, it was very popular to hang them on a belt for easy access. At that time, the protective jacket was made of cortical materials, which highlighted the mature atmosphere, but lacked innovation in style and appearance. Of course, mobile phones were not popular today.

By the year 2000, the price of mobile phones had fallen. College students and middle school students began to popularize mobile phones. Mobile phones became a necessary product for going out. People don't like hanging their mobile phones around their waists anymore, as if they were a bit old-fashioned. At this time, portable cotton, velvet and silk protective covers appeared one after another. At this time, more and more protective shell materials, more and more styles, protective shell embarked on a diversified road, but the mobile phone protective shell market is not hot.

After 2016, smart phones began to work. With the advent of the era of 4G, the development of smart phones has become an irreversible trend in the world. The demand for high-end smartphones is increasing day by day. In particular, the Apple mobile phone has exploded the market, the mobile phone protective jacket has risen again, and the professional digital accessories brand has been continuously created in China.

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