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The advantages and disadvantages of mobile cases

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Early mobile phone materials are mostly general engineering plastics, the appearance is usually not decorated, but simple non-slip or spray paint. Although it is very practical, but can not satisfy the consumption of aesthetic feeling. In the back of the phone, many mobile phones using a gorgeous material to decorate the appearance of the phone. Among them, the piano baking paint by the popular. The piano lacquer craft, is one kind of baking lacquer craft, the process is very complex, the mechanized piano baking varnish is very fast. Some handset manufacturers use the piano lacquer craft to manufacture, some use the ordinary polyurethane lacquer painting, the craft and the durability aspect is much worse. Piano baking process in the appearance of a high-end, gorgeous aesthetic, highlighting the phone's texture, but also brought good feel.

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