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Technology Scope Sharing of Mobile Shell II

- Dec 03, 2018 -

Transfer printing process

Transfer printing process is the type of cartoon color shell that we often see. It is generally produced by transfer printing process. It is divided into heat transfer printing and water transfer printing according to the temperature. Thermal transfer printing is to use biochemical ink to adhere to the mobile phone shell after defoaming by vacuum machine, and then transfer printing to form the mobile phone shell with a map, the water transfer printer. Art is through water transfer paper, affixed to the mobile phone shell, and then sprayed cover paint treatment, cover paint can be UV light with bright effect, or rubber feel with skin effect, the former effect will be better than the latter, but the latter texture will be better, which depends on the needs of customers.

Sticking process

Patch technology is sticking drills, sticking those smart objects to the back of the mobile phone shell. At the beginning of the fire, they are usually sticking fake drills. The effect is very shining. There are also sellers who will arrange different diamonds in different colors to produce different graphics. It is quite creative. There are plush dolls sticking on the back, as well as that kind of butter. Shell is a kind of soft material, with many colors, like toothpaste squeezed out and pasted on the back of the mobile phone shell, after a night will dry, the texture of the soft surface is still there, it looks like the same feeling of butter, with resin dolls to make a good effect.

Skin sticking process

In fact, the skin patching process is to wrap a layer of cortex on the basis of the mobile phone shell, so that the mobile phone shell can also have a high-end temperament like some leather products. But in fact, this process is very simple, the highest requirement is the layer of cortex material. Most of the leather you can see is synthetic leather rather than genuine leather. Very few factories are willing to use genuine leather. Unless apples are their original. This kind of technology can also be used to stick cloth and velvet besides the skin, which is seldom used by people around me.

Printing process

Printing technology is the hottest in recent years. It can print digital patterns directly to the mobile phone shell through the sprinkler. It can be directly produced without printing screen. The accuracy is getting higher and higher, and the color is also improving greatly. Even the life of the sprinkler is several times longer than that of the earliest machine. The sprinkler was first refitted by Epson. Up to 2 months of life, are now Ricoh nozzles, a year of life is the lowest, if well maintained and longer life, nozzle life is the largest part of the production cost of the whole process. So now our processing unit price is very low, the premise is that the order must meet their requirements, and Taobao personalized customization is basically Epson sprinkler machine, because Epson sprinkler machine small equipment can be a processing 20-30 have, and Ricoh sprinkler machine is 200 or more at a time, there is no way. Help you produce one by yourself.

Today, I just talked about the general process. The advantages and disadvantages of each process and the production demand still need a lot of space to talk about. Here is the outline. Thank you for your support.

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