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Technology Scope Sharing of Mobile Shell

- Nov 29, 2018 -

Many new friends will ask me what kind of industry I work in.

I usually answer is to make mobile phone shells, but when you say mobile phone shells, they will say that they like those soft silicone shells, they will say that soft is better than hard, or hard to avoid soft and other topics.

But I can immediately know that my new friend's understanding of mobile phone shell is that it's neither soft nor hard.

In fact, the technological range of mobile phone shell can be said to be wide spectrum.

I will probably come back to the mobile phone shell industry for a short period of time, and immediately update all kinds of process knowledge.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the process flow of mobile phone shell.

First of all, we share from the surface technology.

Spraying process

Spraying is the surface of spraying treatment, spraying metal paint, that is, plastic can have a metal feel, can also spray rubber hand paint, so that you can have a skin-like feel. There are also some special spraying is gradient spraying, the top and bottom of the head are sprayed with different colors mix out, and the special chameleon spraying, a special paint spraying can see different texture from different angles, there are piano paint spraying, this needs UV equipment to deal with, otherwise the quality can not be guaranteed. 。 This spray actually covers the most processing range of the process, out of the mobile phone shell, in fact, everything can be achieved through spray modification to achieve some good aesthetic or protective effect. The surface of our car is painted.

Electroplating process

Electroplating is to directly process the surface of mobile phone shell by electroplating. The processed mobile phone shell has a mirror texture. The initial electroplating is immature. This is also related to our small workshop production. The surface is prone to scratches caused by dust. In fact, it is the production problem of non-dust workshop. Later, the processing experience is mature. It is possible to use UC glossy oil seal after electroplating, which can have a very bright mirror effect and scratch-proof. This process was very popular in the early two years. There are also many shops selling in Tianmao Store. After electroplating, some specified patterns can be displayed on the back of the mobile phone shell by hollowing out.

Carving process

Carving technology is divided into CNC fine carving, and laser laser laser carving, the former can directly carve deep pits, so that the mobile phone shell has a strong concave and convex texture, this kind of general application in thicker mobile phone shell, because only enough thick mobile phone shell can be deep enough for CNC fine carving, and laser laser carving is only able to watch. A thin layer of paint or electroplating is removed, which is said by the previous electroplating process. Generally speaking, it is a secondary process. It is not so good to make sculpture products alone.

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