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Skin or shell? This is a problem

- Dec 28, 2018 -

There are many different types of protective accessories for smartphones and laptops on the Millennium market, including acrylic leather, wooden cases, vinyl leather, leather, rubber cases, silicone leather and boxes. It's harder to decide whether you need a skin or a smartphone case to determine what kind of skin or case you need.

Therefore, our Avalt Smartphone Skin Expert provides a series of knowledge, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of skin, as well as cases to help you make wise decisions.

Smart phone sets:

Every other year or so, you have to pay a worthless fee to buy a smartphone. We understand. Therefore, we also understand your implicit impulse to decorate your mobile phone in the first time you can start using it, because if it falls out of time, you may not want to pay an extra $100 or so to repair your screen.

However, mobile phone shells have more disadvantages than advantages. Some of them, including their size and roughness, run counter to the whole "New Year, Slender" motto that most smartphone companies seem to have adopted. Cell phone gloves are also very expensive, especially if you're looking for gloves that actually do some protection. Most of them are neither waterproof nor weatherproof, nor child-proof, nor can they completely protect mobile phones from cracks, nicks and internal damage.

In addition, the harsh reality is that your mobile phone is getting heavier and heavier, and your new phone looks uglier. So, the solution is simple! Smart phone skin!


Smartphone Skin:

Although mobile phone sets inherently frustrate the aesthetic feeling of modern smart phones, the skin of smart phones increases the protection of owners, allowing users to express their personality through a mixed collocation mechanism! Even ordinary consumers can put two and two together, because mobile phone and laptop manufacturers like Apple have experienced a lot of innovation, making their phones slimmer and smoother every year, especially for the enjoyment of consumers.

So why measure a machine with almost no weight by adding extra weight? Especially when the skin provides a stronger grip and attractive appearance for the mobile phone, there is almost no weight in it!  Skin keeps the shape and design of smartphones while allowing you to design their appearance at the same time! More importantly, you can get the same protection as the case at a lower price!


Although expensive and bulky boxes do have practical appeal for those who travel easily in irregular terrain or drop mobile phones easily, skin undoubtedly provides a more cost-effective, beautiful and lightweight option for modern mobile phones!

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