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Mobile Shell: If you want to protect it

- Dec 21, 2018 -

This should be obvious - if protection is your highest priority, a solid mobile phone case will be your best choice. Cell phone jackets reliably protect your phone from the impact of the biggest smartphone killer, which can cause fall damage. Of course, scratches and markings are not pleasant, but most people worry about cracks at the end of the day. Cell phone skin can protect your cell phone from the former, but it is much less effective in preventing the latter. Even if the phone does not fall on the screen, the phone shell will provide shock absorption effect, thereby reducing the overall impact.

This is not to say that the skin of your cell phone cannot protect your cell phone. At JW Skinz, we have different materials and textures to choose from. Some options, such as our carbon fibre cable, provide excellent scratch and dent protection, and provide more grip on mobile phones, ultimately help it not slip out of people's hands.

Mobile Skin: If you have a reliable insurance plan

One important thing to remember is that today, if you spend a lot of money on high-end mobile phones, you probably have some alternative plans. Have proprietary protection options, such as Apple Care, and then offer plans based on the retailer you buy, such as Square Trade. Of course, many network providers (such as Verizon and AT&T) offer monthly warranty services.

For many people, the promise of easy replacement (albeit with deductibles) is a good reason to opt for mobile skin rather than a more robust case of protection. Likewise, it comes down to whether you are an aesthetic fool or not, but it may ultimately be an important factor in your final decision.

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