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How thin is the cell phone shell?

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Today, I share with you the concept of ultra-thin mobile phone shell. In fact, the concept of ultra-thin has always been a favorite selling point for businesses. From the history of mobile phone development, we know that (my amateur is learning the history of mobile phone development hobby). From the earliest beginning of T28, mobile phone manufacturers have understood the value-added of thin products and opened a new mobile phone. Morphology, and the thin mobile phone shell is the first from the silica gel jacket.

That's right. As far as I've shared before, this ultra-thin silica gel sleeve is not the product that the manufacturer initially expected to sell, but the product of intense market competition. Under the saturated market demand, the competition between prices leads to continuous cost savings on raw materials, from the earliest 20 grams of a product. To achieve less than 10 grams of a product behind, in the mold has been changed and changed, from a thick feel to a completely film state, wholesalers are also known as ultra-thin series, the price is more favorable, but thin is not necessarily good, at this time the product because the material is smaller than the original structure ideas will highlight various problems, one is to add. In fact, when thin products are taken out of the mould, they are easy to be affected by thermal expansion and contraction, which results in cooling rate deformation. In addition, there is no reserved treatment of tensile edge on the mould. The step of installing the silicone sleeve is to pull the sleeve into the mobile phone like a balloon, and then the position too thin is easy to pull. The crack is broken. Customers who voted for quality quickly lost market space for this product, and gradually no one bought it, and then disappeared in the market.

Then to the TPU annual belt, every time new materials appear, we make mobile phone sets products are very thick, protective is the first and then beautiful, foreigners like this product most, and ultra-thin this time because the thick product market has reached the bottleneck and developed, rather than the initial price competition. Product, from what aspects can we see it? It is from the beginning of ultra-thin mobile phone shell production equipment, nitrogen high-speed injection moulding machine and precision ultra-thin mold to produce ultra-thin TPU mobile phone shell, in fact, PC hard material factory tried to design ultra-thin, but the thinner the hard material products, the easier to crack, so later they are considering making ultra-thin style, which one is actually. First of all, this is impossible to study, but this process is really painful, because the earliest batch of ultra-thin TPU mobile phone shells can be described as garbage, the back is like wet paper ups and downs, and then the edges around can not be reported at all, or abalone edge to describe the visual sense, but because of the market. Positioning vacancies, this defective product even started to run.

When a product runs, it will enter a cycle of start (product quality is not good, but can move), maturity (product quality tends to be better, orders begin to be large), recession (products begin to reduce quality and cost in pursuit of order maximization), death (no profit, what else to do) Ultra-thin TPU has entered a mature period soon. All factories purchase high-speed injection moulding machines, open precision moulds to make better products to pull orders. It bursts out in an instant. Every day, the whole industry hears at most that today's ultra-thin TPU mobile phone shell receives more than 100,000 orders and so on. Many of our peers are expecting a recession, but not so fast. In less than half a year, a factory has developed a way to produce ultra-thin TPU without a high-speed injection moulding machine.

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