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Cleaning mobile phone shell

- Nov 20, 2018 -

It is believed that many people have the trouble of yellowing the mobile phone shell, because the mobile phone is the most common social tool in our modern society, many people in order to protect the mobile phone or to make the mobile phone look good, will give the mobile phone a layer of mobile phone shell. But the cell phone shell is easy to yellowing or dirty. Many people choose to throw it away and then buy it again, which takes time and costs money. In fact, we can find some tips to clean our yellowing and dirty mobile phones. The mobile phone shell has been yellowing for a long time? Don't throw it first, use it to soak, and easily change the new shell!

1. Toothpaste.

Put toothpaste on the cell phone shell, do not touch water, brush our cell phone shell with the old toothbrush at home, until it is full of bubbles, then sprinkle a little salt on our cell phone shell, continue to brush, brush a little water to wash the cell phone shell can restore cleanliness, usually treat our yellowing shoes can do so. Hurry up and act.

2.remove yellow stains

If we remove yellow stains, we will prepare more materials. First of all, we need to prepare white vinegar, alcohol, toothpaste, baking soda and other items. After the preparation is done, the heated water is evenly stirred in the laundry basin. Drop the yellowed cell phone and immerse it for an hour. When you take it out again, rinse it with water, and you'll find it's the same as the new one. This trick for removing yellow stains is also useful for other items, such as yellowing shoes, clothes and quilts at home. Everyone can hurry up and have a try.

3, shampoo

Shampoo has a very good cleaning effect. We can add shampoo to shampoo shell when we wash it. Shampoo shell can become like new immediately. Is it a convenient and labor-saving trick? Have you learned so many ways to remove the yellow? Don't waste money foolishly by using old mobile phone shells at home. We use these tips. You can easily remove stains by moving your fingers.

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