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Buy cell phone shells or stickers

- Dec 14, 2018 -

Both add different levels of protection and personalization to your phone. Which one suits you?

Manufacturers put a lot of work on designing their mobile phones, making them equal functional tools, making our lives easier, and beautiful artworks make us want to start on store shelves. But beauty comes at a price. With more all-glass mobile phones than ever before, it can no longer solve it: mobile phones are fragile.

With this in mind, you may not want to carry your phone without some protection... but what type should you use? There are many choices to choose from, but the sleeve and belt jackets are out of date. The two most common ways to protect mobile phone security are leather jackets.

You may be most familiar with the case; there are dozens of mobile phones for every operator's store and store self-service kiosk. They are good ways to personalize mobile phones quickly, otherwise they may look like other people. Of course, they will add some volume to your phone, but in return, you can rest assured that if you accidentally lose it once or twice, the phone should be OK.

The boxes have various sizes, shape factors and materials. If you're particularly clumsy, you might want to buy a mobile phone case for your phone, which makes it quite thick, but provides the best drop protection, usually even with a built-in screen saver. I don't drop the phone very often (which doesn't mean it's never going to happen), so I prefer a thinner case to prevent scratches on the fuselage, but don't take it away from the thin design.

In particular, I've grown up to be connected to "advanced materials" such as the Galaxy S9 covered by Alcantara or the Apple jacket for the iPhone X. They don't offer much shock absorption - they don't even cover the bottom of the phone - but they look and feel great, and when I carry expensive phones, I hope they feel like one. I know, it's superficial, but that's what I like. These cases at least keep most of the protection of my mobile phone.

Although the case is not for everyone, there are many reasons why you may prefer skin. Maybe you don't want to give up the thin money of mobile phone design. Maybe you just want your phone to be different in color. The glass on your mobile phone may be too slippery for your liking, or it has slipped out of your hand or fallen off the table, and now the back is irretrievably broken. Anyway - wrong, situation, skin may be the answer to your question.

Whether you buy it from Amazon eBay or anywhere else, most skins are precisely cut to perfectly match your phone design - up to the curved edges, buttons and ports. They add zero thickness to your phone and cover up any scratches, cracks or defects that may occur before installation.

Undoubtedly, skin is not as protective as in cases; if you put your mobile phone on a hard surface, the skin may not absorb too much damage. But at least they leave scratches, if your cell phone cracks under the skin... OK, just leave the skin! Well, yes, it may not be a good long-term solution. If you want an extra level of protection, you can even use both skin and shell - although unless you use a visible shell, this may damage the purpose of getting the skin first.


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