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Brief Production Technology of Ultrathin Mobile Shell

- Nov 28, 2018 -

Ultra-thin range concept is to produce nearly 50-60 filaments (thickness unit) thickness. A hair is about 6-8 filaments, and then 1MM (thickness unit) equals 100.

Silk, is 0.5mm thickness to calculate ultra-thin, that set of precision mold tolerance is 5 silk, you can imagine that this production difficulty, if the traditional ordinary injection molding machine, because the pressure is insufficient to run TPU raw materials into the mold cavity, there will be waste products, in addition, the mold precision is not enough to affect the molding, you can see various reasons. High-speed injection moulding machines are two to three times the purchase price of traditional injection moulding machines (I mean second-hand, because except for large factories, basically small factories are purchasing injection moulding machines from second-hand merchants).

Ultra-thin TPU can transform the key parts of ordinary injection moulding machine, and then work on the moulds. Ultimately, it can be produced at low cost. The price of the product collapses greatly. It is normal to drop 30% a day. Some factories directly throw out the lowest price to cover the order, which can reduce the original factory price of several yuan (this). It must be disclosed in order to make you feel the incentive to compete. Finally, the product is almost a little more than the price of material weighing. The factory depends on that profit, but the factory does not know if it has included the cost of the mould. That's a family's cost accounting problem, and I can't estimate it. This is not the end, the end is to start production of 80 silk, and then use soft materials, people have the illusion of a very thin trick... There is also the largest gap, one open two molds,In the end, the product is less than a year old... Hang up, before a boom into a wail, everyone is grateful that they braked early, opened 300 sets of moulds laughed 500 sets... Here is a brief statement that a set of moulds is not less than 8K batch development cost... Who will make the money in the end? For those who open moulds, sell raw materials and get cheap goods to hand over, the manufacturing industry itself bears the final loss.

This is our manufacturing industry... Ultra-thin TPU still has factories to do today. They have no choice because they don't know development, design and market. They know that they have no source of orders without doing this, and they are finally kidnapped. This product is a very good structure to tell the truth, and the last one is not what everyone wants, but the market is the same. Low price competition dooms you to not buy good products, so you see a lot of 5 yuan a super thin behind the story...

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