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Are you using soft or hard mobile phone shells?

- Nov 22, 2018 -

The last article shared that hard mobile phone shell is actually not as bad as you think. In fact, soft shell is the largest consumer in the market at present. This advantage and disadvantage can also be shared with you. In fact, soft materials are also classified. Early rising is silica gel. Now it is tpu. The concept of silica gel is the earliest used soft material protection shell, and we are the most. It's easy to see that Apple's own skin-like silicone collagen protective cover. Why does this rubber have this feel? In fact, it is not innate, it is processed on the second time after the formation of the silica gel sleeve, and the skin-like coating is processed on the surface, but it always gives people the illusion that the feel of the silica gel sleeve is better, and this kind of skin coating is also widely used on the hard shell, we have done this on the ultra-thin shell of 0.5mm thickness. A coating.

However, with silica gel as a good material, why is there a product market for tpu? In fact, according to the purchase order quantity of raw materials, TPU is far away from the protective shell of silica gel material, because TPU has transparent characteristics, no deformation and good processing fluidity. However, silica gel is not transparent, only with abrasive feeling transparent, because the real silica gel products do not add skin-like coating, will become very sticky feel, easy to stick to dust, do not know if it is our generation of factory material problems, anyway, silica gel is now generally reduced to you with a heavy hand. The main material of the case is used.

TPU can make transparent shell about 0.7-0.8mm thick through high-speed injection moulding machine. if the factory has good quality control, it is very beautiful. But in fact, this kind of protective jacket can only bring scratch-proof features to your mobile phone. It is totally helpless to resist the impact of falling. Falling to the ground can only make the mobile phone eat hard by itself.

Then someone asked if TPU had any shortcomings in being so good. The shortcomings are easy to yellowing, transparent material TPU mobile phone shell yellowing is not increasing the fact, business publicity is not yellowing is a cover, we have bet with raw material suppliers a month can not yellowing purchase orders immediately, willing to bet few. Of course, there are ways to solve this yellowing problem. The way is to buy a black one, because the black will not turn yellow.

How long does it take for a friend not to yellowish? Actually, it's also related to the environment you use. Your sweaty hands will also affect the humidity of your place. Generally, high quality transparent TPU sets are conservative for about one month, but the purchase cost of raw materials is three times that of yellowing. So you bought dozens of sets which are actually not expensive, at least not the worst material. It won't turn yellow in a week or two.

There are hard materials and soft materials, so there is no intermediate characteristic structure material?

The answer is yes. Next time, let me share with you a better structure. Thank you for reading.

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