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Are you using soft or hard? about cell phone shell

- Nov 21, 2018 -

Many friends often wonder why they have hard shells. That's the question of a friend who likes soft shells; however, a friend who likes hard shells will ask the same opposite question. Of course, there are third situations, that is, do not know whether the hard shell is good? Or soft shell?

In fact, the starting point of the soft shell and the hard shell is to protect the mobile phone shell, which is the most basic and basic function of the mobile phone shell.

Friends who like soft shells have always questioned that hard materials can't protect better. In fact, hard materials can also resist part of the instantaneous impact when the mobile phone falls to the ground. Then it may eventually break up. Fragmentation means that the mobile phone shell can't continue to use, but the instantaneous impact absorbed by the fragmentation is completely dispersed. The cell phone shell was sacrificed to protect the cell phone. The cell phone shell with thickness of about 0.5-0.6MM was used. It was about 1.5 meters high enough to accidentally fall the cell phone to the ground. There was no problem with the impact surface of the cell phone, but the cell phone shell was broken, which proved that the protection effect was still there. Of course, some friends are aiming at the top and tail of the hard shell without protection, which is a very traditional hard shell. Now the latest hard shell is all wrapped up, and has been wrapped around like soft shell.

Here is a summary of the advantages of hard shell.

1. Transparent material hard shell in a short time does not yellowing, soft transparent is about 1-2 weeks to start yellowing, a month later can not look directly, I believe everyone has the same feeling.

2. Hard materials can achieve very thin thickness. At present, the market propaganda of 0.3mm is false, but 0.5mm-0.6mm can be achieved to avoid suspicion of soft and wide brand here. If the soft material is super-thin, the limit is about 0.5mm, but the soft shell of the mobile phone shell in this structure is easy to stretch and deform, and also easy to yellowing, because the material is too thin.

3. Hard material is easier in the process of processing, which makes the color shell of hard material brighter or more palatable. Because there is a process of oven drying, soft shell is easily deformed in this process. In order to cope with long-term high temperature deformation, factories will consider lowering temperature or shortening drying time, leading to processing. It is not ideal.

4. Hard material can keep its shape unchanged for a long time. Soft material will easily become glossy, and some coatings with feel will easily peel off.

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